Colour Me Purple 50ml


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ELEGANT, RICH AND FRUITY. This fine fruity fragrance combines elegance and richness with modern ingredients to create a classic perfume for women. A subtle floral accord is carefully weaved between layers of bergamot and watermelon, oakmoss and amber.

Chypre Fruity Fragrance
Top Notes: Watery, Floral

Middle Notes: Rose, Jasmin, Fruity

Base Notes: Woody, Vanilla

Perfumers Notes:
An elegant rich modern fruity chypre fragrance. The fresh top notes of bergamot and watermelon are boosted by a subtle floral accord of pretty jasmin, rose and violet notes. The dry down is a tenacious blend of oakmoss, amber and precious patchouli woods.

Perfume Brand: Milton Lloyd
Perfume Fragrance/Range: Colour Me Purple
Perfume Type: Parfum De Toilette
Perfume Gender: Ladies
Size: 50ml

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