DeVilbiss iGo Rechargeable Battery


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Rechargeable Battery for DeVilbiss iGo

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battery will last approximately 4.7 hours on Setting 2. When connected to AC power, the battery will automatically recharge.

Initial Battery Operation: The new battery packaged with your iGo Portable Oxygen System is not fully charged. Before using your iGo for the first time, you must install and fully discharge then fully charge the battery. 1. Using battery power only, operate the iGo until the battery is fully drained. The unit will turn off and the power failure alarm will sound. 2. Connect the AC Power Cord and plug in to completely charge the battery. This may require up to 4.5 hours of uninterrupted charging. In the event of a power interruption, the iGo Portable Oxygen System will automatically switch to the battery operation if installed. When AC power is restored, the battery will automatically start recharging. If the battery is not present during a power interruption, the Power Fail alert will activate, and the iGo will stop operation. When power is restored, unit will resume oxygen production unless the Power Button was pressed to stop the Power Fail Alert. Typical Battery Recharge Time. The typical time to recharge your battery from a fully discharged condition is 2.0 hours to 4.5 hours dependent upon the flow setting. If the Battery is too warm, charging will not begin until it sufficiently cools. Extreme temperature high or low) may extend charge time

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