Inogen One G4 Lightweight Portable Oxygen Concentrator with 4 Cell Battery


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INOGENONE G4 breaks the barrier for greater independence and is the perfect solution for those seeking to maintain an active lifestyle whilst on oxygen. Weighing only 3.3lbs (1.5kg) with the 8 cell battery inserted, the INOGENONE G4 really does “punch above its weight” with an incredibly compact, sleek, and stylish design. It is the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator in our range with selectable pulse flow settings producing up to an equivalent of 3 litters per minute. The G4 is very quiet and unobtrusive producing noise that is less than a normal indoor conversation. It is simple to operate. The user interface features a white back-lit LCD display that clearly shows the current pulse flow setting as well as the remaining battery life. The pulse flow setting can easily be adjusted using the plus and minus buttons on the control panel. When using the G4, its intelligent oxygen delivery system works in accordance to the user’s respiration rate by automatically adjusting how short or long each burst of oxygen is delivered. During the periods of high exertion, the oxygen is delivered in shorter bursts. Whilst sleeping or during periods when respiration is at a lower rate, the G4 will give longer bursts. This clever system always ensures the user maintains the correct dosage of oxygen as prescribed. It comes complete with both mains and car power supply units. Also included is a protective carry bag together with a carry strap that can also fix directly onto the machine itself.

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